The Vision & Mission

The Vision and Mission of the Oasis Center

Why this strategy?

If we were to sum up the focus of our missions work in one word it would be “Gospel”. We endeavor to share the true Gospel clearly with as many people possible in as winsome a way as possible. We believe firmly that God is a God on mission and as Christ was sent, He sends us out. It is God’s desire to reach the nations with Christ. Strategically in the culture we are, we believe the most fruitful way to join God in this work is to fulfill a felt need in the people. This is solely to open up doors by building trust and rapport with them, whereby we might share their true need with them. This may take on various forms like teaching English for free, teaching in a school or working a job, providing food, clothes or medicine for the poor and sick, teaching practical life skills to orphans or pregnant women, sports outreach, camps, and the possibilities are endless.

Typically, it is said that the best way to advance the Gospel in a community is to plant a church. For the most part we agree with this, but each country has its own cultural climate. It is wise not to paint too broadly a stroke and say that one church planting or Gospel advancing strategy works the same way in every culture.

We hope to be efficient in how we manage and organize our time, money, talents, relationships, etc for the sake of the Gospel. It is said in this day, by missiologists and church planters, that the best place to be influential for the Kingdom of God is by church planting in urban areas and from there to influence the culture around them. It is also highly effective to reach young people who tend to be more open to new spiritual ideas. However, we must avoid putting everything in a box. God may work in various ways.

In Ukraine missions presents its own set of challenges. The culture here is pretty distrusting. Protestants can be viewed as a western thing. Often, if you don’t have a large beautiful church building you can be viewed as a cult. Also the combination of post-soviet culture, eastern mystical thought and postmodern relativism has made building trust bonds through relationships that much more important. In one way, this might simplify things because as you make a friend you find an opportunity to share Christ. Making friends is not so hard, if you try. They say Ukrainians are like watermelons, they have a hard shell but are soft on the inside.

Ukrainian young people love their sports. It’s tragic for me when I see the condition of so many of their public playing areas. The grass, dirt and concrete is almost always uneven. Everything from the goalposts to the basketball hoops are disproportionate, bent, or just built cheaply. The kids here have no real quality place to play. When I was a teenager we took for granted the free Salvation Army and YMCA in our neighborhoods.

Ukraine has many needs from the smoking, drinking, and abuse problems to the poor orphanage programs to the government corruption. The great thing is all us missionaries are allowed to be here. This is a prime time in history to make a real difference here! We could try all kinds of social programs or political revolutions and what not, but I truly believe the long term answer for this country is the Gospel. As we reach the kids, they are the ones who will be the future mothers and fathers, the future business owners and the future politicians.
Our vision and mission is to build a place that can truly make an Impact! We want to build a ministry that not only meets a variety of needs in this city but can also provide people with a worthwhile short term mission’s experience that is not an excessive use of time and money for little fruit. We want to do something where it is only possible for God to make it happen and He gets all the glory!

The Plan – Build an Oasis Center!

What exactly is an Oasis Center?

An Oasis Center is a place where people can find trusted friends, refreshment for their thirst and a cool place in the shade away from the scorching heat of city life.
The Oasis Center will not be your typical recreation center. Lord willing, it will be a parachurch outreach hub of sorts.

Potential Ministries may include but not limited to:

Sports activities, events and camps
Holiday Events for the community

  • Teaching women about pregnancy, during and after
  • Practical life skills for orphans and others in need

Christian Counseling: one on one

  • Also: counseling in community

Shelter and help for the homeless, prostitutes, addicts, alcoholics, abused

Shelter Program – People who have a legitimate need and commit to the program will be provided with room and board as long as they abide by our policies:

  • Daily Bible classes
  • Daily classes for practical life skills classes – orphans
  • Work and clean
  1. Work may involve:
  2. Tending the aquaponics and worm compost gardens
  3. Building needed things in a workshop
  4. Cleaning the building
  5. Serving the homeless food, or washing their clothes
  6. Making blankets
  • Personal Devotion Time
  • Required Church and Bible Study attendance
  • Weekly one on one Bible reading with a leader

Care for the poor

  • Food, showers, haircuts, laundry, doctors

Questions Café

  • Once a week we will invite people with skeptical questions regarding the faith to dinner to discuss any questions they have.

Regular Leadership Training

  • There will be biweekly meetings for all the leaders to train, inspire, encourage and equip them for relationship building and disciple making.

Discipleship Boot Camp

  • The goal of the discipleship boot camp is to train ourselves by the Holy Spirit through self-control to flesh out the Gospel driven desires in our hearts to be more faithful in spiritual disciplines. The 6 week course will have a focus away from mere academics and toward learning through practice.
  1. There will be a Prerequisite reading requirement and memorization.
  2. Tuition for each American will be made so that a desiring Ukrainian may attend the Camp for free. (Estimated cost for 6 weeks is $1,200, including room board, books and training.)
  3. Each disciple will be placed on a strict schedule of learning, practice, planning outreach, and service in the Oasis Center and in the city.
  4. Disciplines we will teach and practice together:
  • Prayer
  • Bible
  • Reading
  • Study
  • Teaching (shepherding)
  • Meditation
  • Memorization – promises
  • Financial Stewardship and Giving
  • Service
  • Work
  • Outreach and evangelism
  • Fasting and Simplicity
  • Solitude
  • Rejoicing – serving with joy
  • Decision Making

Other church outreaches in the city

We will seek to monetize the center to help make it somewhat self-sustaining and simultaneously provide jobs for Ukrainians in a blessed Christ centered atmosphere!

Ways we may accomplish this:

  • Rent out courts
  • Make blankets
  • Lessons of various sorts
  • Deli
  • Coffee shop
  • Produce from the garden
  • Grow chickens
  • English Lessons
  • Bus drivers

Mission Itinerary

  • Forecast the budget (in process)
  • Architectural Layout (in process)
  • Video Project (in process)
  • Build website
  • Fundraising and recruiting
  • Building and recruiting
  • Grand Opening Party!
  • Training – ongoing
  • Hand off to indigenous leader
  • Recruit, train, replicate

Christian Staff and Volunteer Opportunities:

*The focus will be to hire and train indigenous people to lead the center however foreigners who sincerely seek to serve are absolutely welcome!

  • Bible Teacher
  • Shelter program
  • Boot camp
  • Doctor
  • Bus driver
  • Security
  • Head Cook
  • Barista
  • Librarian
  • Sports coach
  • Event planner
  • Russian language teacher
  • English teacher
  • Teacher of practical life skills
  • Accountant
  • Counselor
  • Attorney – to help with issues with the homeless and orphans
  • Other Ministry Leaders

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