Awesome September in Odessa!

God has been doing new things in Odessa lately.  We have had a very exciting month!  Check out some recent pics for ministry highlights and read the comments to learn some ways you might be praying for our friends and us in Odessa!


At the beginning of the month we had a tremendous week of pounding the pavement handing out flyers for E Club near Universities and giving away free cold drinks. We are deeply grateful to all the help of our MTW friends, our pastor, Abbie, and our Ukrainian friends who went the extra mile with much joy! Their help was priceless and praise God for the fruit of it! Luke 14:23!!!!



The church building in the background is where the English Club is held.


This is the beautiful City Garden. A park smack dab in the middle of the city as old as the city is. Sorry Putin, you can’t have it!

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After all that cold apple lemonade and flyer work we started having record turn outs to the English Club and had to move into the sanctuary!  One time we had close to 80 people and average around 55 people/per week.  Those are pretty good numbers and we still have quite a few flyers to hand out.


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One new thing we’ve begun doing, as our Pastor Gorik does after their Wednesday night English Club, is hang around and have a Bible Study afterwards.  It’s a good chance to invite people since they’re already there.  Of course the crowd is much thinner but the conversations are extremely blessed!


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On Tuesday nights I’m helping out our friend Abbie by teaching an advanced English conversation class by exploring parts of the Gospel of John with mostly unbelievers.  It was another great opportunity to connect with some fresh faces!  And it’s how I met Sasha (far left) who invited me to play basketball at a great indoor ball court.  It was the very same week I was seriously hunting for a place to play.




On Wednesday I teach theology, theology proper that is, and an Inductive Bible Study class at a small Christian University, where more than half of the students I’d say are not following Christ.  We have made many new friends through this platform.  The pictures were taken when I had my pastor in as a guest speaker.



2nd year students


One large first year class!


3rd and 4th year students combined.


Every Thursday night, while the girls are having a women’s study, I meet the guys at a nearby Scottish pub where we talk theology for a couple hours.  We are working our way through “Galatians for You” by Tim Keller but the conversations take off in many interesting ways.  We have young believers there, sometimes unbelievers, and even brand new believers!  It’s a great way top get in some discipleship.  My friend Bob, the team leader from MTW, is often there helping me out.



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Occasionally on Saturday nights I help out with my friends Sergey and Abbie’s E Way (English) Cafe Outreach.  Abby has been helping us out a lot with ELEVATE lately!



This is a planning meeting for an upcoming Short Film Festival outreach we will be doing right after ELEVATE the last Saturday of Oct and first of Nov.




Lately I’ve been working hard on my physical health and getting on the basketball court regularly again!  God helped me find a couple great places to play now!  These are the nicest courts I’ve ever played on in Odessa by far!




We have a couple other outreaches planned for the near future.  We have began encouraging people at English Club to bring warm clothes, socks, and underwear for the soldiers if they have any.  If you would like to participate in this you can find instructions here:

In January we will give away hot tea and coffee to needy people on the street and invite our friends from English Club to help out.

We are currently praying and brainstorming for a big week long ELEVATE EXTRAVAGANZA in Feb!

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Please keep all these things in prayer if you would.  Many blessings and thanks to you and yours!  Stay in touch!

Kept by indelible grace!

Jacoby and Lera


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