Boy DYING, socks NEEDED, prayers COVETED | Project Odessa Life Ministry/Prayer Update Feb 2013

Go? Went! Here. Help!

“There, but for the grace of God, goes John Bradford”. These words were spoken by Bradford while imprisoned in the Tower of London when he saw criminals being led toward their execution.

Now and then I remember this quote. As I see the way some people, made in God’s image, are living, or should I say barely surviving, I know were it not for God’s grace it just as well could be me. In these thoughts I am aided in finding contentment with whatever it is grace has given me today.

Please take 3 minutes and 43 seconds to watch this video about our outreach today to the homeless on the streets of Odessa.

Our first Upper Room meeting last week.

Prayer Needs

Please pray for our new home study, The Upper Room.

Please pray for a team for the church plant.

Please pray for continued provision of the work. This is not a hint, I am genuinely requesting that you join us in prayer for a true need.

Please pray for my back as I strengthen it through stretches.

Please pray for Lera as she finishes up her linguistics and translation bachelors degree.

Please pray for Lera’s health as we hope to have a child soon.

Please pray for new ways and opportunities to meet new friends in the city.

Please pray for discipleship with friends or relationships with our unbelieving friends.

Please pray for our outreach to the homeless and for further ways to be serving them.

Please pray for Lera as she grows in leading worship.

Please pray for me and my study of the Russian language.

Please pray for Oasis, the future discipleship/ministry/recreation center/church.

Please pray for a location and help with an English Club.

Please pray for a church planting team.

Please pray about getting involved or coming to Ukraine.

Please pray about giving to the needs of this ministry.

Please pray for Odessa and Ukraine!

Thank you so much if you took any time at all to pray for any of these things. It means a lot. Please know that your prayers and encouragement are needed. Drop a line, say hello, and encourage us with your friendship. :)

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