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Monthly Ministry Update ~ June 2011


Hello friends!



This video was taken in Minneapolis from my friend Justin’s house who’s an evangelist and a missionary and founder of United for the Gospel.


Material covered in the video and a couple things I missed include:


Last months ministry focus:

1. My wife. Newlyweds living life and finishing up our premarital counseling coupled with viewing the Love and Respect video series. We recommend it!

2. Casting the Vision for Project Odessa Life

3. Video Project on Disciple Making and Church Planting in Odessa…to be continued. Several people were interviewed for this project who speak in Russian so future editing will involve subtitles and audio tweaking. The intro to the video is posted in three videos below. The background wind will be edited in the final edit.

4. Building and Praying for Financial Team. Completing book called “People Raising”. Designing laminated flyers and postcard prayer cards.

5. Groundwork for the blog.

6. Lera served our church on the worship team, did some translating, and helped with the children.

7. We also had several people over to our home this month, serving them as Christ served us.


Books I’ll Read or Reread while Fishing this Summer:

Love and Respect
Let the Nations Be Glad
Plot and Structure
People Raising
Morning and Evening


Current Pressing Agenda:

Complete Peanut Butter Label Design
Complete Missionary Visa Application
Prepare Library for Flights to Ukraine
Few More New Blog Posts
Open Bank Account for Project Odessa Life
Straiten Out Things with PayPal *Situation Resolved ————>
Send Out More Info Emails
Organize Email Accounts
Mail Postcard Prayer Cards:


These were made at for only $20/100 and the quality is good. It comes with free shipping and the order quantity increases significantly exponentially as the price increases slightly.

If you would like a Postcard Prayer Card please send us your mailing address. Please don’t forget to tell us how we can pray for you!


How you can pray for us:

Please pray for my wife Lera and I as we will be separated for 3 months. She is studying hard for finals English and German exams at her University. I am hoping for a good catch of halibut and physical and spiritual strength. This is a good fishing job the likes of which I’ve been trying to get for about 4 years.

Please pray for the Missionary Visa Application.

Please pray for Project Odessa Life and for increased involvement on the financial team.


Hope you enjoy the Video Project Sneak Preview below.
Don’t forget to check out pastor David Platt!

Video Project Sneak Preview
Disciple Making & Church Planting | Odessa, Ukraine








Project Odessa Life Costs Include:

Rent, Utilities, Phone and Internet.
Food, Travel, and Miscellanies.
Ministry Expenses: Building, Book Allowance, Hospitality, Mail.
Health Insurance: Mandatory health insurance must be paid by all students and interns of the training center abroad.
Training Center: $500/month for 3 months.
Tithe: First 10% of all money received whether by income or charity.
Giving: As tithing should only be the starting point of our giving, we support Voice of the Martyrs and occasionally meet other needs.
Savings: For an emergency fund or low risk investments. People will drop out from giving from time to time.
Missions trips.
International Messengers: IM takes 15% of all support given to us through their non-profit organization. These charities are tax deductable.
Taxes: Gotta take care of Caesar, excuse me, I mean Sam.

Amount/Percentage of Monthly Minimum Goal Received:
March 0.67%
April 6.83%
May 14.67%

Please pray for 100% financial support for Project Odessa Life. Thank you!

Jacoby &Lera

Quick Hello


Hello friends.  Just dropping in to say a couple things about where we live in Odessa,

my morning devotions including Robert Murray McCheyne Bible Reading Plan,  Voices from the Past, Morning and Evening w Allistair Begg, Fighter Verses, Acts29Network, TheResurgence, TheGospelCoalition, and The Story,

and mention that I’m needing to do some video editing for the latest project for Project Odessa Life coming soon, post several blogs, and find someone to do some minor CSS work for the blog.  Know anyone?  :)

And a final note on a very good book I’m reading called People Raising.

Many blessings and graces multiplied on your head and in your life.