God’s Arm Is Not Too Short to Reach Ukraine!

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Hello! We hope you are having a blessed week!

Good news! God is answering our prayers by the hands of his people and almost every day we grow closer to reaching 100% of our need for 2013!

Would you join us in prayer? Would you join us in action?

Since February we have received commitments of about 64 new people!

This year, to get us caught up, we only needed God to provide 100 people commited to joining our work with $15/month. This number is really attainable and the number is growing almost daily! Before long, Lord willing, we will be set for the year, maybe two!

Would you, your church, or one or two people you know be interested in helping with a small amount like that?

So far the results have been good but there still remains a need. This gives God’s people a wonderful opportunity to be neck deep in the Great Commission with us, and share in all the extra blessings that accompany God’s work changing lives with the Gospel! Praise God, this is such a worthy ministry to be a part of physically or financially!

We have recently risen slightly above our bare-minimum-scraping-by-goal, and are now at about 79% of our complete 2013 goal. We do not plan to stop until 100% of the need is coming in. At that point I will turn all my time, energy, and attention back 100% to the ministry here. I would love to make this shift ASAP!

I only have so many friends, so every “yes” or “no” really counts towards keeping us in Ukraine to be a lasting influence for the sake of the Gospel.

I’ve just about contacted everyone, although I have a decent sized list of phone calls to make, and three or four churches currently praying about being on our sending team! Please pray for provision and favor for this ministry!

If you believe in our vision and want to share in the joy and reward of it, there are a few ways to dive in. Ask me about it.

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More information about our vision and mission can be found here:


I would love to hear your feedback! If you would like to ask me anything over a phone call I am absolutely available. I am currently working on a US time zones schedule. Just let me know what is the best way to contact you? Phone or Skype calls are usually the best way to go!

Here is a PDF breakdown of our complete 2013 need.


And here is a PDF flyer with a brief rundown of the ministry and vision in case anyone would like to share what we are doing with their friends or church body!





Thank you for being a lasting influence for the sake of the Gospel in Ukraine through your prayers and giving!

“We believe Jesus’ Great Commission to His disciples to “go into all the world and make disciples of all nations”, is a command given to all who desire to follow Jesus and be His disciple. We believe God is a God on mission and we are to be a people on mission. Just as He sent Jesus, so sends He us. We believe that as Abraham was blessed to be a blessing, so to are we blessed to be a blessing to the world! We believe, since before time began, God has planned that His name should be glorified before all the nations. This is seen numerous times in the Old and New Testament. We believe that Christ’s return is contingent upon all nations having heard the Gospel and that one day every tribe, tongue, language, and nation will worship the Lamb as described in the book of Revelation. We believe according to these passages, and a passage in 2 Peter, that we are able to hasten the coming of the day of the Lord. We believe this is the commission of the entire Christian church, not to be left to a select few. If you believe this as well, would you join us in working in harmony with our prayers, “Maranatha!”, “Come oh Lord!”?

(Mt 28:19, 16:24, Ac 1:8, Gen 12:2, Jn 20:21, Mal 1:11, Hab 2:14, Ps 67, Gen 22:18, Mt 24:14, Rev 5:9, 7:9, 2 Pet 3:12, Mt 6:10, Rom 11:25, 2 Cor 8:2-12, Lk 8:1-3, Ac 18:3-5)

Click Here to Be 1 of 100 “yeses”!