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transition update

My new work desk where all the hands on ministry begins.

A quick and candid update:

This might be the last post I ever make at!

Despite the fishing season this year being a big let down, due to salmon back stock from last year (go by some canned sockeye salmon and make some salad! ☺) and other issues, we have managed, by the grace of God, to get set up in Portland with an apartment and all the needed items for it (thanks to craigslist, wallapop, yard sales, etc), a car (which I am renting out half of the time on and more than covers my payments), and a new family member, an adorable puppy named Rocket. Yes we got a puppy. We have wanted a puppy for many years and to put it simply, the cute guy makes me a happier dude! Sometimes I think God does want us to just be happy, even if it might not seem the most practical to others – sometimes.

Moving to the States, land of the not so free and home of the slave, Lera’s visa extensive process, moving into an apartment in Portland (which we hadn’t realized has had the highest rent increase in the nation this year) has been emotionally and financially taxing. So we are moving forward largely on faith in the midst of what you might call a “crises” situation. We are not crying wolf and we will not say this flippantly nor often.

We are now transitioning from one non-profit to beginning our own start up. We believe this is what God has called us to do and we believe that in this fog of bills and uncertainty He will see us through. We also believe the devil is seriously attacking us and trying to send us off into the ditch. Our two largest financial supporters have hit hard financial times and are unable to continue, and we believe they are a target of the enemy as well. Nevertheless, God is God and He has taken on much worse situations and come out ahead. Why oh why does the devil even try?

We believe that rather than traveling around and visiting people, which can become incredibly expensive, we can be more efficient in our work if we have a stable place to work from, a stable place to throw our socks, a stable cup for our toothbrush, and a consistent prayer closet. So we have made the City of Roses (my original hometown) our home base for now and will travel to meet any upcoming appointments.

We are a little behind schedule, but this week we will be getting the website going with a new donation process, writing up newsletters, mailing them out with our new prayer cards and a small gift from Ukraine for our financial partners. Our first non-profit investment was a color laser printer we found on craigslist for $100. We would have paid more than that just to have someone print our newsletters. Score! We even are fax capable! Now if that doesn’t make us a for real non-prof than I don’t know what does.

We have a lot to do, putting together a detailed budget for the mission/vision, planning our first board meeting, reading up on non-profit material, making calls to dozens of people, setting up meetings, editing video, preparing a power point and sermon material and this is just phase one, designing brochures. Basically we have a lot to do and it is just us at this time. A two-man band. Please don’t tell my lovely Ukrainian wife I said “two-man band”. With this mountain of tasks before us we also seek part time employment, just to be sure we are covered in the coming months. Additionally, each week we are preparing ELEVATE English lessons, power points, and handouts for our colleagues in Odessa. It is a locomotive with plenty of torque and I’m a cowboy along for the ride.

A recent message from our pastor Gorik in Odessa:

“Hi Jacoby! How are you doing my dear brother? Anything we can pray for? We are doing good. As you know both Camps went pretty well and some people are attending our churches now. I am so much thankful to you that you’ve started that ministry here.))”

Another recent message from our friend Artyom in Ukraine:

“Вы все еще значите очень много для меня и я реально благодарен за все,что вы зделали для меня. И любой кто знал меня до того как я встретил Джейкоби и знает меня сейчас мог бы сказать ,что Бог изменил мою жизнь используя Джейкоба. Я рад что он привел меня в эту церковь и рассказал мне так много про истину которую должен знать еаждый. Этот период в моей жизни самый важный,ибо я стал спасеным во Христе.”


“You still mean a lot to me and I’m really grateful for all that you’ve done for me. And anyone who knew me before I met Jacoby and knows me now could say that God has changed my life using Jacob. I am glad that he has brought me to this church and told me so much about the truth that everyone needs to know. This is the most important time in my life now, since I became saved in Christ.”

Please keep us in your prayers, check your mail box in about 10 days or so – we think you will like what you see, and consider getting on board with our vision to create a Life Center in Odessa, Ukraine called Oasis (which in Russian is pronounced oh-a-zes)! Think English club meets the YMCA meets Church! We have many good reasons for this strategical mission’s approach which you will get to hear all about soon.

If you would prayerfully consider a one-time donation in this “getting up and running” phase it would be a tremendous help! The donation widget on the website should be set up within one or two days. The way things are looking on the horizontal plane I could have to return to Alaskan fishing full time which would throw a big delay in plan A. This would send us on a big wrong turn, do not enter, wrong way! We do not have a plan B. We may have detours or setbacks but we will always come back to plan A – starting the life center in Odessa! We are certain this is God’s will for us and are confident He will show Himself faithful. Somehow some people have come under the impression that because we are currently stateside we must not need support. Contrarily just the opposite is true and we are in need of it all the more.

Make checks payable to Mission Impact Alliance and send to:

Mission Impact Alliance
4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd #924
Portland, OR 97214

If you would like to have us visit you to cast our vision at your church or home group please contact us! Soon we will have:

a 3 minute video,
an 18 minute power point,
and a 35 minute sermon

ready if you would like to have us come and share one or all of these. All these should be ready somewhere between September 14th – 21st if you would like to schedule a visit.

Many blessings and thanks for being apart of God’s global strategy to take the Gospel to ALL the nations.

Luke 14:23,
Jacoby & Lera


And behold, a lawyer stood up to put him to the test, saying, “Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” He said to him, “What is written in the Law? How do you read it?” And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” And he said to him, “You have answered correctly; do this, and you will live.”
But he, desiring to justify himself, said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”

LUKE 10:25-29