Impact Odessa Update – An Update You’ll Actually Read! :)

10655461_10152840607074096_7607725676080279224_oApologies in advance for this brief update.


The last time I felt this much pressure from all the tasks at hand was when I took too many credit hours in Bible College.  However, this season of working in Ukraine will transition to a furlough in the States, Lord willing, sometime in the next six months.  This does not necessarily suggest a reduction in workload.  At that time we will be Kingdom building by visiting churches, conferences, corporations and individuals to cast our vision for the recreation center(s) in Odessa AND (a very important AND) recruit a team dedicated to working alongside us.


Before we leave Odessa, I wanted to go all out giving it everything I had before we left, so my plate is full at the moment.  After the New Year things will switch gears a bit.  I won’t be teaching at the University or helping out with this other English Class.  The focus will be the English Club outreach and a Thursday theology night I head up.  Other than that, time will be focused on learning Russian, any research or meetings needed for the planning of the recreation center along with gathering necessary details of the vision together, and any other needed preparations for leaving the country temporarily.


There is a lot happening in Ukraine and it’s anyone’s guess which direction things will go.  I tend to pull hard for Ukraine and I’m optimistic for the future.  However, Putin is a real threat.  Some say they may begin advancing further west after the winter.


We are not going anywhere and the worse things get, the greater the need for ministry!  In fact, we are inviting people to join us.  Don’t ask if we are going to retreat…come and join us on the front lines!  We invite you to prayerfully consider coming to Ukraine.  All the info you need is posted here at the blog to get you started in that direction!


Otherwise, would you prayerfully consider partnering with us financially?  All your financial investments are an investment in God’s work and your eternal joy!  The English Club has constant expenses and we have a trip coming up to the States.  We really need to raise our monthly support a few hundred dollars a month.  Would you pray about that?


All the info you need for that is here:


Finally, at the end of February I am planning a big week long English Bootcamp outreach!  Native Christian English Speakers would be awesome for us and for the students!  Whether you are an individual or a church team, if you could make it to Ukraine the last week of February, let us know, so we can begin discussing details.  It will not only be the experience of a lifetime for you, but may be the beginning of a long-term calling.


Please pray for Lera and I as we encounter lots of spiritual warfare and the enemy constantly seeks to discourage.  There is a sadness over me due to my own failings.


Pray for Ukraine and for peace here!


Pray for Misha, a friend who began attending English Club awhile back and prayed a prayer of repentance a couple months ago.  He is currently at sea working his first job as a seaman – and as a baby Christian.


Pray for Nick.  Nick recently came to Odessa from Donetsk and is one of my students at the University.  He helps us out translating with English Club, comes to the Thursday theology night and has recently called himself a “Christian”, looking to my example and friendship- in his words.


Pray for Artyom, another student of mine who comes to theology night and has recently visited our church a couple times.  He has been pursuing me to spend time with me.  He says he wants to spend time with quality people.  Don’t ask why he called me!  Artyom has been a believer for a little over a year and is like a sponge, just eager to learn and grow.  I perceive him as someone self-controlled, with strong character, and a potential future leader.


Pray for Kostya.  Kostya is my good friend who began attending church just over a year and a half ago.  He has been a faithful helper in a lot of areas and says lots of things are beginning to open up for him in his understanding of God. He was really thankful for a book of Spurgeon I gave him in Russian.


Pray for all my students at the University.  Most of them are not believers and they are getting a Christ centered Gospel saturated message every week.  Pray for their eyes to be opened!


Pray for all the people coming to the English Club.  So many of them need Jesus!  Pray for the people at our church to catch the vision to serve at the English Club sacrificially and form relationships in a community atmosphere.  Some people there seem to have a very critical, religious, and self-righteous spirit, not all of course, but some.


Pray for my friends Andre and Dima who visit theology night on occasion.  Andre translates frequently at our English Club.  I  hang out here and there with both these guys and they are great guys and pup Christians who came to Christ through the Campus Crusade ministry in the city.  Please pray for Kate also who is new on staff with Campus Crusade and is someone we support prayerfully and financially.


Pray for the guys I play basketball with.  They are an older group of guys, all of them seem to be non-Christians but I am waiting for doors to open in ways of reaching them.


Pray for Bob, Andrea, Robin, Randy, Deborah, David, and Jill, the MTW missionaries in town who help us out a lot and are a blessing in so many ways!


Pray for our small church body and the Pastor and his family, Gorik, Snezhana, Richard, and Kate.


Pray for the churches in Odessa and the missionaries.  That God would show them what they need to see when they are ready, so that healthy and strong churches might be formed in this city!  May God grant them repentance in any errors.


Pray for Galia and Olya, our good friends who are our main helpers at the English Club.  Pray for their encouragement and a deepening in Christ, as they come to know his love more and more!


Pray for Tatiana, a girl from English Club who is not a believer but has recently hung out a couple times and even attended the girls Bible Study.


Thank you!  We love you!  Be in touch!


Jacoby & Lera

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