Impact Odessa Update ~ War in Ukraine?

IMG_1476Hello everyone.  Tensions are hi in Odessa.


Things in the ministry are going awesome!  The Lord is doing a great work.  The English Club we began with the help of some servants from among my students at the University became a quick hit.  We get a good handful of unbelievers showing up every week too!


One young girl, Mary, who helps us has been extremely encouraging.  She was sharing with us how much she was inspired by Lera’s and my marriage.  Just last week she gave her life to the Lord!  She also told us other students at the University who are not church goers were seriously considering going to church after observing our relationship.  Another friend from our church, Kostya, was saying something similar.  Honestly, no relationship is perfect and we definitely have our faults and things we work through.  But to see and hear things like this is extremely encouraging.  Some fresh and visible fruit of the Lord’s work through this ministry!  Praise God!  May He bring much more.


Also, the lady Ira who we have been serving, who grew up in the orphanage and has four boys and one girl, called us the other day needing food.  We do bring her food here and there but I guess she ran out.  We decided to put her to work each week doing some cleaning at our flat.  Lera pays her the money she makes doing English lessons four hours a week for her friend.  It helps us with the demands of ministry preparation.  Of course we could handle cleaning it ourselves but we needed to find a way to help her without just giving her handouts continually.  Please pray for Ira and her children to have hearts for the Gospel!


I was going to show a video of my mini aquaponics experimental garden as a preparation project for something on a much larger scale in the future.  But, it hardly seems like the time for that being as Ukraine may be on the brink of war.


For those who don’t know, in 1994 Ukraine agreed to give up it’s nuclear weapons and the US, UK, and Russia agreed to respect it’s sovereignty and borders and to protect Ukraine in event of invasion.  Well Russia is invading Ukraine as I type.


Lera and I are praying about what we should do if things continue to escalate.  Should we wait here or leave the country.  If we should leave the country where should we go?  We are in the process of applying for an immigration visa for her to the US but the process is slow going and we still have some waiting to do on that.  Who knows how current events might effect all of that.


Well, I would like to keep this email short and simply and sincerely ask people to pray for us for protection and wisdom and please please pray for this country!  The need now is as great as ever and history is being made.  I truly believe pray can altar it’s course.


Would you seriously consider signing this petition?

We petition the President Obama to offer military help to the new Ukrainian government and provide UN & NATO peacekeeper



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Thank you so much for who you are and all you do for the Lord!