Serious problems with the churches in Odessa, Ukraine


Key problems with the churches in Odessa, Ukraine – PART I

Key problems with the churches in Odessa, Ukraine – PART II

Here are some good links on the orthodox church:

What the Orthodox Believe
Four key differences between the Orthodox and Protestants

Coming Home?

Evangelical Issues for the Eastern Orthodox

Lawrence W. Carrino

The Eastern Orthodox on the doctrine of justification by faith alone

The Eastern Orthodox on Substitutionary atonement

The Eastern Orthodox doctrine of Imputed Righteousness

The Eastern Orthodox on the Eucharist (vs preaching) being the most central element of worship

On how a person can be saved not because of their churches teaching, but in spite of it

Religious %’s in Ukraine

Protestantism in Ukraine

On Kenneth Hagin’s Plagiarism of E.W. Kenyon

On E.W. Kenyon’s connection to the occult

On legalism, what is it?

On legalism in the Baptist churches in Ukraine

According to Pyzh, legalism took over the church in the Ukraine because of the persecution by the Communist regime.

“As the church was persecuted,” he said, “the congregations pulled in and withdrew from the ‘enemy.’ We still have that mindset today. It is difficult to change the congregation and it limits evangelism.”

On Martin Luther and the human hearts proclivity towards religion and legalism

On unity among elders

On what is an elder

On the helpfulness of Creeds and Confessions – Unity

On Jesus and His desire for Unity in the Church

John Piper on unity and divisiveness, where we learn:

  • It is not the ones defending the Apostles teaching who are divisive, but those who forsake it
  • If you mark someone as a false teacher it does not mean to completely avoid them as the Bible says to love our enemies
  • Those who stand for the truth may be thought arrogant even if they aren’t
  • The people in error are often the nicer guys

On what is a healthy church – & On Preaching and it’s proper place in worship

On Seeing Jesus and being Transformed (see 2 Cor 3:18)

On Stanley Grenz and how revelation of God is gained and other things

Please take a few moments to pray for the churches in Odessa. Perhaps you would consider setting aside some time throughout your week and even fasting. Thank you!


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