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Valeriia's Update ~ March 2012

How do you know that you are doing something right?

A few days ago an American team from Iowa came to Odessa to help us minister together. One of the goals that we had during this week was to do English club with people and in the same time to be able to tell them why we are doing what we are doing. A couple days ago I was thinking, “What I am doing here handing out invitations to people who don’t even look at it.” Why was I standing here at the time, when I could talk to someone and help with something doing something more productive. Will I even see these people again?

One episode from this work stuck to my mind. Standing on the street one Ukrainian man was listening to instructions of American man about how to get to a building where we will have English club, but the Ukrainian said the phrase that we didn’t expect him to say: “Americans go home!!!” After that he started cussing at us and chasing us. We walked a little further and continued giving invitations to people, but that man found us and started acting very aggressive. Even though I am not American he started going to me and Brad (Iowans missionary) saying very offensive words with the face of man who is going to beat us. All people around were watching it but didn’t do anything. It seemed like we would not be able to continue doing our work and we started walking away from that man before giving him a chance to injure us somehow. Walking away from him I understood that he is somewhere very close and this all may lead to something bad but I prayed and one thought came to my mind. That’s it, that’s the answer, “We are obviously doing something very right.“

“… you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake…”
Matthew 24:8-14


English Club

After that I turned and didn’t see that man anymore but two American girls running to us hoping that he doesn’t follow them. Everyone was a little shocked but it gave me desire to continue inviting people. In the evening of the same day there were about 20 new people in English club. The next day there were more new people and I even met someone who studies in the same university with me and who wants to visit club not only when Iowans are there but after it as well.

Do I ask myself now was it right to stand there doing what we were doing? No. I know that was right and obviously Satan didn’t like it at all and even tried to prevent us from doing our job.
Many of you know that I had to pass 20 examinations in January-February. It was so many because when I was in the Missionary Training Center I wasn’t able to go to university and do those exams. So it became more. Without all the details I will just say that I am doing distance studying but for exams I have to go to University. I had only 1 and a half months to get ready for exams and it took me a lot of trust that God will take care of this situation for His glory and He did. I passed all exams better then I ever did when it was just 10 before. Praise the Lord because I still don’t know how it happened. I would never do it without Him.

Girls' bible study at our apartment

Now I finally have enough time for doing ministry with kids, leading girls’ group and doing discipleship with them, taking part in worship team and translating. It was good to go back to these all that I didn’t even want to rest after exams.
Ministering to God and to people is such a blessing! I praise God for time He gives me so I can do my inductive bible studies and for opportunity talking to my husband which is in the USA raising support for the ministry that we are doing in Odessa, Ukraine.

Meeting in USA where my husband tells about Ukraine

Jacoby and I see how God teaches us to trust Him. Some days it seems that nothing moves but some days it seems that God loves us too much. I want to thank those people who support us in prayers and in a financial way.

A lot of work that we are doing here would not be possible without your encouragements and support.
I also would like to ask you, if you would continue support us praying for :

~ My husband while he is spending time in USA building a support base partners

~ People who came to English club, so that they would continue coming and would want to know our Lord

~ My trip to IM Conference which will be in Poland, for my successful way there and back, especially the way back because I will go home by trains by myself

~ Please Pray for the people in Odessa and Ukraine

Sunday School Children


Oksana is another girl with whom I started meetings recently

Monthly Ministry/Prayer Update | March 2012

“But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.”

1 Corinthians 9:27

*To see our SPECIFIC PRAYER REQUESTS, scroll to the bottom. Thank you for praying!

There was a man full of the Spirit who went to preach. He prayed and prepared and studied and prayed and he was ready. As he stood to preach, he looked across the room and there was only one person who had come to hear his message – one. Returning home after delivering his message he reflected on all the hard work he had put into preparing the message. Throughout the course of his life God had strengthened him many times and brought him through many hard trials. He knew that to be a pastor he would have to endure many let downs, and many pains, he knew he would have to have the hide of a rhinoceros and the heart of a dove, he knew that though there was only one person in the crowd, he could not allow the numbers to deter him from doing God’s work. He had to remain faithful and he had to continue trusting in the goodness of God. He told his heart to put its hope in God, although he couldn’t help but wonder why only one person would show up to hear him speak. Finally, he returned home and went to sleep. The next morning he rose early to feed his cow. As he stood feeding his cow, the Lord spoke to him, “here you have just one cow, and do you not rise every day to feed it?”

One month ago I flew into Oregon from Ukraine and I have to say things are going great. There are days when the thought to give up has crossed my mind. I considered throwing in the towel at moments when I just thought I didn’t have any emotional steam left, after preaching in a big room with just a few people, then having to pack up and hit another meeting right away. However, these feelings are fleeting and soon are discarded as the Lord strengthens me to continue on, even when I see no fruit. I’m having to learn more and more that I cannot put my trust in the word of man, but my confidence must be in my heavenly Father. When things looked defeating, my wife and I resolutely determined to continue giving sacrificially, as God would have us do. And from unexpected people and places God began pouring into our cup. Will it overflow?


For the last month I have been going to Bible studies, churches, sending out invites and calling numerous people to invite to our missions presentation on Ukraine. I suppose I naively thought in preparation that missions work would be as much a thrill for people to hear about as going to a ballgame or the flea market. The turn outs to these meetings have overall been very poor. Sometimes I don’t raise one single small monthly supporter. However, somehow God has continued to bless the work through unexpected means, be individuals wishing to honor God with their finances who I’ve never met before, or by steadily growing promising financial partners.

One Saturday, after inviting many people to the meeting throughout the week, only one guy showed up. That one guy was a blessing to see. The next day I went to a church where more people wanted to support our ministry in one day then in the whole last month combined.

For a short season, February through April, my focus of ministry will be support raising, while Lera serves with the church in Odessa. Lord willing, by God’s grace, we will raise the needed missionary support in just three months. Many missionaries can spend up to two years doing this. Support Raising is a ministry because we provide an opportunity for people to examine how they are stewarding God’s money, which they’ve been entrusted with, and because it helps foster a missional vision in the church. It is a reminder that each of us should be as directly and radically involved in the great commission, as God is. In some way each of should be doing our part. In Revelation 5 and 7 we see people from every tribe and nation and language worshiping before Jesus. This happens through the work of missions. Missions exist because worship doesn’t!

I would love to ask everyone to sell their house, quit their job, get rid of most of their earthly possessions, leave behind their comforts and privileges of living in the United States and come help us spread the Gospel in Ukraine. Well, if everyone went, there’d be no one to send out and support the goers. All of us have our part.

Do you believe in what we’re doing in Ukraine? If you do, would you team up with us? As we give our lives completely over to furthering the Gospel in Ukraine, would you be a part of the sending team? If you believe in our vision would you join us with just 10 DOLLARS PER MONTH? If a relatively small number of people supported us faithfully with less than the price for two frappacinos a month, we will be full time, long term lifers in Ukraine, penetrating the sub cultures with the Gospel in a country which desperately needs the Gospel!

To worship God in this way and team up with a solid evangelical team, click HERE.

Please notify us if you have made this decision. As part of these ministry endeavors my wife and I would also like to recommend this financial course we took during missionary training in Odessa. You won’t regret it:

Crown Financial Ministries

We would also invite everyone to make a visit to Ukraine, or any other impoverished country for a time. It will forever change your entire perspective!


Preparation, invites, and many many phone calls.

Home meetings!

Sharing Jesus, missions and testimonies in public Schools, a Christian school and an addiction Rehab home!

Old friends!

Great food and a fish fire pit! Mike is a great metal worker!

New friends!

Bible Studies!

For my Valentine!

Few people!

Lots o’ people!

Signing up for prayer support!

California Jesus!

Praying for Ukraine!

Staying connected to home and my lovely misses.


1. Pray for daily faithfulness on my end and the end of others involved in the ministry. That hearts would be fully committed to the work even when it’s hard or there is no immediate visible fruit.

2. Pray for Lera who will be taking a trip to Poland with some staff from church to a missions conference. She will have to return home alone as others stay and sight see and I would appreciate prayer for her safety.

3. Pray for the salvation of many souls in Ukraine.

4. Pray for me as I learn Russian. Pray for quick learning and fluency.

5. Pray for our future church plant and for the team God will bring us together with.

6. Pray for Lera as she looks for our next flat and that we get the right deal.

7. Pray for Katya and Marina in Uganda. They were having some difficulties with their situation such as not being treated too well in the house they are staying and the pastor were they are serving teaching that it is okay to have sex if you don’t have HIV.

8. Pray for funds for the Redemption book to be translated into Russian.

9. Pray for Christian rec centers in Ukraine.

10. Pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into the field and for the government.

Thank you all so much. In this battle we truly need your prayers!

“And walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, [the church] multiplied.”
Acts 9:31

Jacoby & Lera

A Means to a Means to a Means

Hello everyone. Just some thoughts from the hearts on asking people for money. Have any thoughts? You’re welcome to comment below.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_R4IUV5M8Q&w=640&h=480]  
For anyone curious, here is a link to the missions agency which oversees our monthly financial allowance:
Link to blog on Scriptural Support for Support Raising —>HERE
Link to a sermon on tithing and giving by John Piper —>HERE
Tim Conway sermon on money. Thumbs up!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY0V3hJTJ-g&w=853&h=480]  
Check out our missions vid if you have a minute!




Beginning in the North West in February and working my way down to San Diego and over to Phoenix by May 1st I will be conducting a number and variety of speaking engagements. The purpose and intent is foremost to give in service to the Gospel, mobilize missions, and generate prayer. There will also be an honest candid expression for our needs as the reality remains that if we aren’t supported for God’s work by God’s people we will not remain in missions. However, we are more than happy to serve with no reward other than what God, in His infinite wisdom sees fit to supply.
Speaking will be oriented around Christ and the Gospel, missions work and God’s historical plan for the nations, the world and world-view of Odessa, Ukraine, and how you can be praying or be involved. Please join us. We covet your prayers and your fellowship in the Gospel!

Pending meetings will be updated as appropriate. More times should be added in the future so check later back if you need to. As I near your area the schedule will develop more concretely. Looking forward to seeing you soon!
For some ideas on how you might be able to help us, CLICK HERE!



Fri April 20th 7 PM Bible Study, 13412 Granite Creek Rd, San Diego, CA

Sun April 22nd 5:30 PM The Shelter @ La Mesa Presbyterian, 4426 Harbinson Ave, La Mesa, CA


Tue April 24th at 6:30 PM Bible Study, 1604 N. Palmcroft Way SE (13th Ave. North of McDowell Rd.), Phoenix, AZ
(Wed the 25th – Mon the 30th. A few possibilities pending)

Wed April 25th 7 PM Reality LA Community Group, 1594 E Howard St, Pasadena, CA