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The Jesus Controversy

Who was this man called the Christ?

I am very excited to announce an upcoming book launch about the most controversial figure ever discussed!

This will be a detailed, user friendly, and a unique spin on various ideas about Jesus throughout the world today, and back through history.

Lots of people called Elvis the king, but he insisted there was only one king and it wasn’t him. Some say that Jesus is the only way to God, while others, like the Baha’i Faith or Hindus, say he is just one of many ways. Madonna says he is within ourselves, and Mother Theresa says he is every other person.  Lil Wayne believes in him and Thomas Jefferson rejected all his wonders.  The Mormons claim he is Lucifer’s brother and Scientologists say he was an ancient legend on primordial planets.

The Gnostics said he formed birds out of clay and made them walk as a child and the Muslims say he was a prophet of Allah, the moon god, and that it wasn’t he who died on the cross, but Judas.  Dan Brown writes that he was a married man, Brigham Young says he had a train of wives following behind him, and Elton John claims he was gay.  Mike Tyson is pretty sure Jesus would sit down and have a drink with him and the Jesus Seminar thinks he didn’t say half of what the Bible says he did. Some people dare to say he never walked the earth at all, while another group says he did walk the earth, he just didn’t leave any footprints.

The differing numbers of theories on the person of Jesus are vast. How could so many different stories revolve around one man?  In my forthcoming book, The Jesus Controversy, we will explore this question together.

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